100WC – Special Prompt #7 – William C

Walking through the echoing hallway, I saw a book lying on a cabinet. I thought I’d look at it later, and I continued through the hallway.

Turning to the left in the hallway, I thought it would keep going, but it led to a dead end. As I continued back I remembered the book, going back to the cabinet I saw earlier, I looked for the book, but it wasn’t there. I was confused, but didn’t pay much attention, so I didn’t notice what was lurking above, until water started to drip on my head…

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Tania

I saw a lost dog on my walk.  He looked scared and CONFUSED, I looked around for the owner but I couldn’t see anyone.  He did have a collar. I Felt sorry for him so I took him to the animal shelter.A girl was looking for her Dog ,she looked at him but sadly it wasn’t her dog. I took him to the reception  and told them where I found  him and left him with the dog squad. I knew that the dog is in good hands and they’ll find the owner .

The  next day I received a call from the animal shelter telling me that they  had found the owner. 

What great news , I was relieved.

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Sheina

When I came home from school I saw that my family wasn’t there, and as I crept upstairs I found a piece of paper that lay motionless above the top steps that wasn’t there before! I was so confused and without thinking I picked it up and read it, it said: I’ve taken your family to the imaginary world, you have 24 hours to find them, good luck! “Imaginary world!?” I thought out loud “This has to be a prank!” Although it was weird I was still going to save them. But I still had one question, how could I get there!?

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Ruby

What?!  I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Maths is just too hard, I’m just so Confused

“ Is this even possible? ” I blurted out. Everyone glared at me. I bowed my head down in embarrassment. Could this get any worse? Hopefully not, but then it did. We were given a Maths Test filled with all the things we had discussed on the mat. My eyes became tired just looking at it. I soon fell asleep. I awoke to the sight of my class watching me. They were giggling with laughter, I hope that I haven’t been snoring. 

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Olivia

HONK…HONK…BOOM… I awoke in a blue dress, in a blue bed, with blue walls.

”Hello there” a man said with a blue dress like me and he looked about the same age too. “ Do you know where you are?”  he spoke with a gentle voice

 “Ummm…at home?” I muttered.

“No, you’re in the Hospital, with me” he said very softly. ”I’m staying in the room beside you, I heard you screaming so I thought I’d check up on you. Since you seem ok I’ll go.” Then he left.

I saw the nurses rush to his room…ARGHHHHH!!!