100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Evelyn

What a lovely morning. The sun was shining and you could hear the kids splashing in the pool. It was summer, the hottest season ever, but the best. It’s like you want to jump in a pool of ice.

“You know those days where you…” I paused. Now I’m confused. There was something in the corner. I didn’t know what it was, but from what I could tell is it looked like a piece of fruit, an apple. I picked it up and read the label. It said: Eat Me. I took a bite. A sound came from the sky saying: “You are the chosen one” 

What could that mean?

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Trinity

 I was walking down then I saw a bird, He said to me to follow him so I did when i was walking I started to get confused, the bird said don’t be confused then he lead me into a strange cave a spider jumped at me I got a jump scare then i saw heaps of glowing crystals there was a bright purple one that I wanted really bad. I turned around and the bird was gone. I grabbed one of the crystals and ran out of the cave back to home, sitting on my bed holding the crystal confused and scared.What was going to happen? Am I gonna get cursed? 

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Ziva

I won a cross country race with violet my 3 yr old  irish cob. She was CONFUSED about the ribbon on her neck she thought it was hay so she chewed on it. The prize was $40,000,000 I was so happy I bought a new stable as well and a new horse and a new house  for my family it was $500,000 it had a huge yard for are dogs and 3 stories high so then I bought a new lot of tack and a  lot of schleich in the end I had $37,000,000 left.

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Emma

I decided to take a stroll and breathe some fresh air into my lungs. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp!!! Those birds were deafening my ears. They were as loud as a lion. CRACKKKK!!! I stumbled and stepped on a small twig. 

¨How dare you destroy that fine piece of nature!!¨ 

 ¨A…a…are you t…t…talking?¨

¨Is this a dream?¨ I thought.  ¨No, that can’t be right. A tree talking? Ha,  yeah right.¨

 ¨How dare your mouth say such things. Yes, I am a talking tree and you shall be punished!!!¨

AHHHHH!! The tree fired something into my eyes and everything went dark.

I’m CONFUSED!! Wa…what happened…?

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Ezra

I lunge into the side wall, letting out a little “yelp”. 

Gabby turns around cautiously and says, “I’m confused?” Even though it’s not polite, I didn’t answer

We were in an alleyway, me on a spy mission, and my only quest was to get her home. 

I feel the vials, stuck inside my pouch, jostling around. On the way I passed Lisa’s house, and grabbed some chemicals. Even though she was only 4 she was still the smartest in the whole NZ.

I sneak up behind Gabby as I jump on top of her and throw a sack over her.