100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Finn

3 2 1 blast off!!!” shouted Fletcher with his pop. They were pretending to be Astronauts flying through space. Fletcher was a quiet kid. But when it comes to rockets he’s ready to burst, like the fire, spouting out of a rocket ship. 

But soon Fletcher’s grandpa developed Alzheimer’s. Meaning he started thinking things when really they aren’t real. Now in his confused state of mind, he thinks he is once again a captain piloting a rocket through space finding amazing objects. Alas he is only a man at the age of 81 definitely not a captain of a N.A.S.A ship.

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Landen

It was a  normal day at training at Leicester City FC Training Ground. Feeling tired from  last night’s game, this was causing my mind to feel CONFUSED and forgetful. With so much on my mind soccer training, a work out at the gym, lunch and catching up with my girlfriend. Life was feeling busy but I’m enjoying every moment.

 Hmmmmmmm what to get for dinner , maybe kfc or Subway?. I think the subway. Can i please have 2 Foot longs, 1 water and two L&Ps “is that all” Yes I replied. That is going to be 1 Hour wait.  

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Eveana

I was at an abandoned skate park with my brother and his friends, it was getting dark but we didn’t mind we ended up playing games. In the middle of the game I feel like someone’s watching me I turn around and  see a black outline of a person but really it didn’t look like one.Everyone’s looking at me, we go back to the game I said it’s dark we all get up and say bye. Brooklyn and I were the last to leave. we start walking home and the next minute he was gone I was confused.

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Thomas

Everyone has to experience that night of confusion and anxiety and tonight it was my turn, to experience what was always going to come, the night of no sleep. “Now I can tell you first hand that it is not fun,” my friends had warned. When mum BOOMED “bed time,” it was pretty obvious that even they knew it was tonight otherwise they would not be so loud. After getting into bed, I twisted and turned like a spinning top that didn’t stop, waiting and waiting for something unexpected to happen, then confused and asked myself, “is this a dream?”

100WC – Special Prompt #7 – Maggie

Bob was really bad at looking for things. By really bad I mean ultra bad. Like that one time when he was looking for his shoe, he had one on his foot and the other one to him was nowhere to be found. It was really hard for the people watching to try and not laugh. Because his shoe was right in front of him. He had been looking for awhile, I don’t know, maybe ten minutes. That’s when I started laughing and we told him where it was. He went to get his shoe and made a confused face.