100WC – Week #3 – Mila

I walked Into the museum. This museum was very ¨old¨ no one ever came here and there wasn’t even employees there.

I first thought no one was here, until I heard the floor boards creaking. 

¨Is anyone here?¨ I ask softening my voice. I heard the floor boards creaking, they obviously weren’t mine, where they? I then explored the place seeing dull tulips and very unique sculptures. One caught my eye sitting In a box, I turned around to go look for some more stuff but I hear a creak,  I turned around again seeing that It had moved….   

100WC – Week #3 – Oliver

The friendly living bone  

In the Smithsonian museum, a new security guard named Mike was the smartest guard in the history of guards. One night he saw the muddle of bones move and shapeshift into a living skink skeleton and the guard went ¨Wowsers, those bones shapeshifted into a living skink skeleton¨. But the skink skeleton saw him, heard him and he turned into a giant stegosaurus skeleton  and accidentally smashed some of the smithsonian museum space and old plane models, it was a mess and he screamed a lot ,3 hours later, the stegosaurus skeleton liked him but the whole museum was a horrible mess but to be continued………….

100WC – Week #3 – Olivia

“AARRGGHH”!!! I yelled with excitement. 

“What?” Tegan exclaimed.

“We got tickets to the Bahamas” I screamed.

“Yay” Tegan yelled.


We arrived at the Bahamas and a man in a black suit greeted us. He showed us to our house on the water and told us it was the most expensive house, and I could see why!

“It’s dinner so come over and eat in 10 minutes”. The man said before vanishing.

I went to my room and when I walked in,  Tegan was staring at a giant  bucket of bones and a black elf with a note!!!

100WC – Week #3 – Sheina

As I get out of the car police sirens echo in the distance. With bright yellow caution tape wrapped around the entrance of the building, to news reporters flashing cameras. “Ma’am please identify yourself before stepping into the building,” a policeman said in a deep voice, I held out my badge and he let me in. After inspecting the place a big bulging rock caught my eye, “excuse me what’s this?” I ask a policeman, 

“It’s one of the newest pieces of art they have here ma’am!” he replied. I thought abit,

“When did they put the piece in?” I asked him,

“Earlier this week ma’am” he replied again.     

100WC – Week #3 – Tania

Doo,doo,doo,doo,dooo “wow look at this it hard as round and ginormous” I yell.

“WOW!!! That’s so cool lets take it to the museum now” Chickenbookymookmook replied back 

“Hello, what can I help you with.sorry I mean wow bring it in bring it in” said the museum 

Person. “It’s a fossil.”  he replied again 

As he stomps and carries it into a glass box he says “you guys are a big help”

Then people came in and it started to rumble, it started to shake  there was a noise in the room when I saw a flash of lightning…