100WC – Special Prompt #4 – Emma

I tugged my seatbelt into the rugged seat to sit through this dreadful nightmare that my moaning brother forced me to do, all I wanted to do was go home!!! My brother threw his arms in the air preparing for the big drop to fall upon us. AHHHHH!!!! We went through Loop de loops, twists and turns, up and downs, then the roller coaster came to an unexpected halt, EXPLOSIVE dynamite exploded.  My brother fell and  blood started oozing down my leg, but what happened to me was far worse…

100WC – Special Prompt #4 – Ezra

Cactus heard flaps coming from a distance. He wasn’t at all worried; lots of people came to Possibility.

Suddenly a dragon came into sight, it was a SkyWing.

“Dragonflame cactus,” roared a  weird NightWing.

He walked up to the store and said, “why would anyone buy them, they’re explosive?”

A SandWing walked up to the store and said to Cactus. “I would buy them.” He picked up a cactus and said, “Arghh who needs this?” The SandWing roared. He tossed the cactus and as it touched the SkyWings he saw flying suddenly the cactus blow up and everything went dark.