100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Kruz

“The race is tomorrow, you’re not ready, not yet. You need more practise.” 

“I’ll beat you, it’ll be easy.” “you’ll never make it” 

30 years later…

“On your marks get set GO”

tyres screech engine’s roar 

10 feisty ones in a line at the start

He’s FORGOTTEN to pull the handbrake

1 slows

one in front of another hits the breaks 

6 crash 

One more tries to speed but it backfires

  1 bangs into the other and crashes

“You know the argument at the start with the guy who says he’s the best ever, he won but it wasn’t easy.”

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Jack P

I was at the amusement park with my brother. We saw a sign about a new ride coming. It was just being built.  I said to my brother we have to go and check it out.  So we started running to the construction area where we saw a big white curtain.

We passed behind the curtain. My brother said we’re going to get into trouble. He turned back. It was just me. All alone.  I heard a scary noise. I jumped.  I thought I saw a ghost. I wanted to run back too but I had forgotten the way back…

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Hannah F

I ran. 

This was the third time they had caught me. 


The bullet had missed by an inch. I risked a look over my shoulder. The jet black horses were still sprinting as though their lives depended on it, and the soldiers had fury plastered over their faces, determined.

The stitch in my chest felt like fire.  A broken down miserable looking shack was nearing. I swerved, and bolted through the door. It consisted of one room, and looked as though it had been forgotten for years. I held my breath as the horses ran..

They passed the shack.

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Hannah A

“AAAAAHHHHHHH why did you do that aaaaahhhhhh, why did you do that what the heck why, why did you do that” said Rebecca 

“Don’t blame me I FORGOTTEN that you were there”said Ben

 “Well you shouldn’t have forgotten me.What the heck, why did you do that? Why did you open the gate, the gate and shock me, because the power to the farm is still on”said Rebecca

“Well you shouldn’t be in the way you should pay attention”said Ben

 “Well you could of told me that you were opening the gate, then I would of move but no”

 “Ok then”said Ben…

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Dominika

I am at Willy Wonka’s factory with my dad, all of the other kids are crazy.

Suddenly Willy Wonka pops out of the doorway and introduced us to his assistant Wriggly. Personally I thought that name was crazy but… when he showed us around my whole body was in awe of his work. After our tour he snatched our parents and walked away. We waited and waited and then they finally came back but they werent normal.

I asked my dad if he was all right but his response was horrifying “who are you”oh no he had FORGOTTEN everything.