100WC – Special Prompt #6 – William C

Darkness surrounded me, I could barely even see my own hands. Creeping through the echoing hallway, a dying lantern was illuminating the hall. As I continued through, I saw it. I couldn’t describe it if I tried, but it was something that had been forgotten for a long time…     

I thought it wouldn’t notice me, so I tried to creep past, but the damned floorboards gave it away. it sprinted toward me, reaching me in an instant, looming over me ominously. it had to be at least 10 foot tall!

With a loud scream, I turned around and ran away…

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Tania

My mum asked me to go to the supermarket and get a couple of items, so I did.  The first thing that I saw was a shelf stacked up with dairy milk chocolates (yum yum )I thought to myself  “mum wouldn’t mind if I buy a chocolate .”I quickly grabbed  a block of chocolate and  shopped for the rest of the items. 

When I reached home mum checked the items and guess what ???I had FORGOTTEN the main thing on the list the Fruiiiitttsssss …. Oooppsss!!!!! But my mum didn’t really mind.I was saved from the growling.

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Sheina

The forgotten forest was the eeriest place in town, no one would even walk past the gate! But then one day a young woman wanted to find out why, and now the forgotten forest was now called the playful park and it all started when she visited her family in a small town for her holiday.“Mom, what’s that place?!” She asked pointing to something across the road

her mother stuttered, “ Oh uh- nothing Lily help me put away your stuff.” 

“Hmm… I wonder” she thought before going upstairs. As they were putting her stuff she asked her mother “could I go for a walk?”

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Olivia

“Oh No, Oh No, Oh No” I screamed with desperation.

 “What?” yelled an old man with a cane as if he was gonna spank me. 

“I’VE FORGOTTEN to do my job application!!!”.

 “It’s not the end of the world” the old chap murmured.

 “I need to do it otherwise I won’t GET IN!” I yelled at the tippy top of my lungs.

 The old chap told me “ you’d better hurry up and do it then”.

 So I rushed back home and did it then I thought that I’d get two coffee’s for my boss and I.

I rushed back…BOOM

100WC – Special Prompt #6 – Leo

The crashing ocean hits the sand while I Stare into the abyss.! My mum says that that’s where everything goes that dies and is forgotten. I wonder what would happen if I threw a rock into it. Would it become nothing but a memory or made into thin air. My mum only says to look beyond it but all I feel is to go in. I throw my hat in only for it to be gobbled up by darkness. I step closer, I stick my hand in, it burns like a fire my leg slips from under me, I fall forwards…