100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Trinity

On the first day of the holidays it was my birthday, I invited my all my friends over for a sleepover, me Sophie and Eveana went to jump in Tauranga. We got free ice blocks too it was Phenomenal,After that we went to the beach and ate pizza my mum had order the limo pizza from dominos it was delicious.Half way through the pizza Olivia arrived with her mum, we saved her some pizza but she didn’t want any so we at the rest.We went to the Tauranga hot pools, my granny said ¨do not pee in the pool cause you will be banned from the pool.¨ And then we went home had a rainbow cake and watched a movie.                  

100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Ziva

Hi, I am a horse trainer.  I have just got sent 5 new horses to train. an appaloosa and 2 shetlands and 2 Arabian horse the shetlands were 1 Mare 1 colt yearling  an Arabian and appaloosa  where mares and one Arabian was a stallion they were all wanted to be classic so I trained them then something …PHENOMENAL… happened I got a billion dollar check for my work it turned out that the horses I trained were the queens! I was so happy I nearly cried then something else PHENOMENAL happened. I got to keep one of the horses.

100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Emma

Today my teacher was making us do a shot put PE test. Our teacher was holding an ipad watching us. Everything was normal. Jimmy was first up when all of a sudden his eyes turned blue and his shot put throw went so far it was PHENOMENAL!!!! It’s like he’s Dame Valerie Adams But he wasn’t the only one throwing it for everyone in the class. It was so strange it was like everyone was being mind controlled by the teachers. At lunch I sneaked into the class and hacked the ipad the teacher was holding. OMG they implanted things into our teeth before lunch  yesterday to control our minds…

100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Ezra

I crawl into a tunnel, not exactly sure where it leads. It’s 4cm in diameter, but in my miniscule form It’s massive. 

I reach the end of the tunnel, pushing the flap as I peer out over the city. 

I cling onto the balcony, as I grow myself back to normal. I peer over the railing, smelling smoke and ash. 

“This is phenomenal!” I scream. 

I look down at the city once more as wings burst through the back of my shirt. I hook my hands onto the railing as I jump off the balcony. 

“I need to fix this”

100WC – Special Prompt #2 – Amber

“That was so PHENOMENAL” Said Jackie.

“Alright alright” said mum. We can go on again but you have to be very careful the rides here are very hazardous.

“Ok” said Jackie 

They leaped onto the ride again but when they were at the top something happened…

The ride had stopped and all the lights had shut down and to make the scene any worse it had been night 10Pm at night with no lights. 

“MUM!’ Shouted Jackie

“It’s alright we just need to stay calm!”

Suddenly the light turned back on instantly but then they flickered, on and off and…