100WC – Week #39 – Ezra

I gazed at the prize, staring it to death. I just had to see what was inside.

“On your marks..” I turn around and look at the direction of the race. “Get set, go!”

I ran forward, heart pounding in my chest. The sun rays, running beside me. I see the Italian pizza shop and start thinking about pizza. Oh it would be lovely to have pizza this afternoon. I switch my mind over to racing. 

I look behind me, no one there. Have I been racing on my own? The speakers boom above me “Kelly – you have now lost.”

100WC – Week #39 – Emma

I turned the TV on hearing the sound of the news lady speaking. 

“Australian scientists have found a strange child with strange problems. Scientist Bob Jimmy says we have been testing to see what is wrong with this girl and the results are very strange. We are not sure what her problem is but we will be giving her a DNA test tomorrow in New South Wales.” 

I just had to see what was inside. What could her problem possibly be? 

Before I knew it, I was driving to NSW and sneaking into the DNA room. OMG!!! this girl is an assassin, she’s  basically a walking gun.  She’s as powerful as a lion!

100WC – Week #39 – Amber

A mysterious package arrived at the door. It had Christmas wrapping all over, and it was 3 months after Christmas so I wondered what was inside. “I just had to see what was inside,” I spoke to myself.

I knew it wasn’t for me, it had the name “Joshua” engraved on it. I have known a Joshua from a while back in 2nd grade. “But I don’t think he lives here anymore,” I said to myself. 

I opened the door, grabbed the box and put it inside the house and pulled the bow off.  There was another box inside that was different..

100WC – Week #39 – Tobias

Me and my 3 close friends are walking down the road when we come across an abandoned building. Our curiosity gets the best of us and we decide to take a quick peek. We walk in and there’s only 1 door to open so I open it and we walk in. Then the door SLAMS behind us and now we’re trapped. 

“Why did you open it?” my friend says. 

“I just had to see what was inside” I yell, now we’re all arguing and the room goes black. We all huddle in a corner till a voice fills the room…       

100WC – Week #39 – Tegan

It was a dark and stormy night. I was in my bedroom. I heard a noise. I thought it was Dad but it wasn’t.  I went out on the slide. It was an old house. I slowly went closer until I was at the door.  I was about to go in but then my mum and Dad said come inside. When I got inside I got a big slap on my back and went to my bedroom. I went to the house. I just had to see what was inside…