100WC – Week #39 – William C

CCCCCCRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKK!! Went the box as I opened it, I mean, I just had to see what was inside, it looked so mysterious and perplexing, I just had to. “Woah, what is that,” I had no idea what it was. “I’ve never seen anything like this thing before.” indeed I hadn’t, because what was inside was a green, slimy, and intimidating, alien? I mean it had one eye so I just assumed it was. 

“Uhh, where am I, hey! Who are you!” the high pitched alien said to me. “What do you want with me? Are you here to kill me!

100WC – Week #39 – Mila

 My friends, always had these meetings every single day. But I was never Included In It, that was when I decided, I wanted to be In It. I first set out a plan, It was kinda stupid but whatever.  I just had to see what was inside. I went down to school with music glistening in my ears 

Then  I saw my  friends, they had this box in the middle of them all of them had a piece of paper and a pencil. I peeped my head and  ears, Then just listening thats when I heard the biggest secret ever.

100WC – Week #39 – Hannah A

One mysterious day me, my friend Teagan were sitting on my bed. We saw a mysterious box on my cupboard. I just had to see what was inside. Teagan didn’t want me too. When she went to the toilet I took the box and secretly opened it slowly, carefully and there it was.  It was a… camera watching me. I heard her flush so I quickly closed the box and put it up. I acted like nothing happened, Teagan walked in, I was on my phone. Teagan finally said we could open the box, of course I said YES! So we opened it carefully, slowly as soon as we saw the camera I looked at Teagan looked horrified so did I.

100WC – Week #39 – Dominika

I was on Santas sleigh wondering how I got here in the first place? 

I’m trying to get the sack, suddenly the reindeers made a twisty turn to the right and I almost fall off the cherry sleigh. “Ahhh ”

As soon as I get up I peep inside the sack and find my present, the presents begging me to open them. I started to peel my present open all I got was something boring again! “Hey what was that?” Santa responded furiousally “sorry Santa I just had to see what was inside” suddenly I woke up, it was a dream.

100WC – Week #39 – Carter

It was night me and my friend have been wanting to go down the road and see what an old shed has inside. Last year 3 boys went in and never came out. Today we are going in to find  out what is inside. we’re going in cccccccc rrrrrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeee aaaaaaaa kkkkkkkkkkkk! We open the door and go in. I see a jar on the desk next to the door. I just had to see what was inside so I opened it whoosh! Darkness rises out and it makes an angry noise  whoosh! I dropped the book thud!