100WC – Week #38 – Dominika

“5 more minutes” I gasped as I climbed the rocky mountain with my brother.

 The view was spectacular for steaming hot days. 

We’re finally up the top and I stop for a drink, after I gobble down water, I approach my brother.

“Hey Dominika, come look at the view” my brother said astonished.

 Suddenly a rock slipped and my brother fell off the edge. I grab him just in time, “hold on Peter” “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. But just in time our mum dragged him up.

“Let’s not go on this hike again” “agreed” my mum responded.

100WC – Week #38 – Tobias

“HELP ME” I scream as I’m slightly dangling off the edge of a cliff in a now smashed up helicopter. Only being held up by a metal rope, and a rock ledged into the ground. But someone hears me wailing from a far and rushes over to my aid. “Are you ok?” asked the man.

“DUMB QUESTION!” I angrily wailed then the man grabs me carefully and tries to pull me up but he slips on some gasoline. I yelled in terror, “HOLD ON!” 

“I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. Eventually he lures me to safety…    

100WC – Week #38 – Ezra

“Wow, it’s amazing.”

“Looking at the view?” 

I turned around quickly and saw a silhouette of an animal. “Who’s there?” I said scardley. 

The wind whipped me on the back and started hugging me tight.

“I’m the wind spirit, my name’s Tuuletar” 

“Please I’ll be your slave forever,” I said frantically.

“Who needs you?” He chucked me off the cliff. I managed to grasp him and he goes falling with me. He grasped a dent in the wall and I held his ankle. “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. I looked up and saw three other animals. Different spirits.