100WC – Week #36 – William C

Sweat exuding down my foul-smelling, and wirey hair. I had to survive, I HAD to. But how could I, when the odds were 100 to 1. The only thing I can do to escape is to tunnel, though all of the hard and vile soil along the trenches was my ONLY way to escape. It would be hard, and I might have had to hold my breath, but there was still a chance…

Once I had made it out of the tunnel I had scraped up, I proceeded to crawl on no man’s land, hoping that I wouldn’t be seen.

100WC – Week #36 – Sheina

¨Pfft this isn’t gonna work¨ I scoff, I recite the spell from the book and wait. ¨I knew this wouldn’t work¨ I muttered to myself and turned and walked away. CRUNCH I hear stone breaking and the footpath crumbling under my feet, I turn my head around as fast as a lightning bolt and see that the statue came to LIFE!

 ¨Well he-hello th-there, young la-lady¨ A voice croaks to me.

¨AHHHH!!! WHO A-ARE YOU!?¨ I shout in horror 

¨Im…¨ He trails off,

¨Wait… your the guy from the statue, right?¨ I say 

¨Ye-¨ he croaks before I interrupt again,


100WC – Week #36 – Allison

The 1914’s WW1 was going, but Bob and Jeff who got caught for faking age really wanted to go so they started their own war, THE PUPPET WAR. It was a fight over who could make the best puppet and how long it lasted. 

It was time to judge, trees started rustling their silly songs, and the cicada started buzzing. 

“The winner is…Bob,” said the giant slug.

“Haha shame loser, LOSER JEFF” giggled Bob.

“The winner of the winner of the long lasting is…..Jeff, That means you’re tied” Said the slug. 

“Now they have to share the statue?”