100WC – Week #34 – Ziva

Hello, I am Daisy. I guess you have never heard of a talking horse. I am a thoroughbred. It is a type of horse that races. My jockey Lilo Is so sweet every morning she grooms me and gets me ready. but this morning was different. She groomed me but didn’t tack me up. Instead she took me to my trailer. Then we went for a drive. BEEEEEB!!!! what was that oh the door opened. I am at another van place wait what I didn’t realise they could fly! Lilo put me on one where there were a lot of other horses. I was in it for an hour. I was at a farm with the other horses. A little girl hoped on me. I spooked then someone gave Lilo some blue paper that had 100 on it. They gave her 5 then Lilo said ¨this is daisy. My best race horse, I need more money please.¨ ¨Okay¨ the man said giving her 50 more ¨thankyou sir i will get her tack  and i will load her ¨ Lilo told him. ¨Sorry daisy i have to sell you i am retiring. That little girl is buying you. She has a lot of space, bye girl¨ Lilo said as she locked me in a trailer. I could hear Lilo crying.

100WC – Week #34 – Finn

“squawk” woosh, neighhhh! “woah easy boy”  I said. “What’s wrong buddy’’ neigh! Err I don’t know what that means. Then again screech woosh huh what was that then again screeee! This time I saw it but barely all I had seen was a flash of brown, “gulp”, quickly i grabbed my quiver and snatch for my bow and fitted an arrow ready to let loose at any moment scree! Then I saw it perched on a branch of a juniper tree. It’s a Kiwi?! I didn’t realize they could fly! I didn’t even know. No one did I’m going to be famous!”

100WC – Week #34 – Landen

It’s a really bright Sunday afternoon at an airfield just outside Perth international airport. Today we found three old passenger jets for sale. So with some thinking we brought them.

The $4 185 for all of the jets, it’s a pretty good price to pay for 3 flying machines.

The next morning.

 Bing Bing new email. Flight Center wanted me to take a flight today with 151 passengers, 7 crew and 2 co-pilots from Perth to France.

The next day

“Everybody fasten your safety belts we’re taking off”
“Weeeeeee” I hear a kid scream as we pick up speed rapidly.

100WC – Week #34 – Ava

I was in an airplane when I saw a horse that was flying. I didn’t realise they could fly! I reached my hand out to touch it but then it disappeared in the bright white clouds. When it was night time I saw it again but this time it was blue like galaxy colors. The one I saw before was pink, fluro colors. The same thing happened. It disappeared in the dark droopy clouds. I was travelling with my family to France. We were stopping in America. And then a straight shot to France. It said its name is twinkle.

100WC – Week #34 – Jack W

I walked into my office at work, in ten minutes they said there would be another pursuit in process for the next hour, so I went home in my mouse mobeal,  I zoomed home. It was as shiny as Grey beak the bird on my shack .

  Anyway  I got home when there was a leak in the roof so I creeped up the ladder to the roof till I saw grey beak take off into the air onto my head, as I muttered I didn’t realise they could fly. Then I fall down off the roof and screammmmmmm in Pain !