100WC – Week #37 – William C

As I was walking slowly down the street listening to music, I spotted something in the back of my eye…

A, furry!! , I mean, I knew they existed, but I had never actually seen one before. He waved at me and said.

“Ohh hey there mister!” the muffled voice said to me from within the vehicle. He climbed out of the car and said. “Hey uhh, which way to the grocery store?”

“Uhh keep going straight and take the second left then take the third right then first left and keep going straight.”

“Thanks, I don’t know where I am.”

100WC – Week #37 – Sheina

BOOMING Music played in her vehicle as she pulled onto the red carpet with soft mist coming from her car. She slowly climbed out of her car with her BLASTING music coming out as she opened the door, the sound of cameras snapping covered the area like a HUGE blanket. She was so glamorous, everything about her amazed the crowd, her hair blew in the wind so smoothly when she flicked her hair back, her furry coat glided along the ground like a paint brush on a clean canvas. But her mysterious mask covered her face as she flicked her head back to me with an evil smile.

100WC – Week #37 – Ruby

This furry animal is nothing but trouble. He has turned my whole life upside down! Since he heard strange music playing from inside a vehicle, now he’s gone bonkers! 

CRASH!!! I slowly awoke from my daydream and I pulled myself back into reality. My House was a mess, it looked like he had climbed the walls with dirty feet (there was also a lot of gross stuff and other stuff , that is so gross that they can’t be named). He looked exhausted as if he had just run a marathon. Now he’s no trouble, so I desperately started to clean the house…

“ The End! ” exclaimed Dad and he closed the book.

100WC – Week #37 – Mila

Hello Im Elfie, I’m a furry creature. half Wolf, half Owl. Our land Is crazy, we have about 4 wolfes/owls  In our pack, sometimes It grows but we have 4 right now. We have never gone past the boundary. Our ancestors said that theres these “humans”. 

 One day I saw this van. It was a vehicle slowly approaching our home. There was music blasting In our packs ears.  It was horrible, they had something on the back of the jacket. I couldn’t see It because they were really far out but I kinda could, It said AC…

100WC – Week #37 – Leo

Suddenly my vehicle was thrown out of the park. I heard music and climbed out. It was dented and bent, then inside the glass was shattered. Then slowly a furry sloth with ignited fists climbed my van. But then the ground started to part and crumble then a deafening roar came. The sloth was rushing away until big claws ripped out the dirt. A mouth engulfed the sloth.

So I grabbed  my shotgun only to see big spikes come up then. The world was roasted with a blue flame so I shot my shotgun to his head only to bounce back.