100WC – Week #33 – Thomas

It was a windy day and, well at my grampas it was windy, I’m not sure if it’s windy  back at home on shore but here at his house out in the middle of the sea, he lives in a lighthouse. I know living in a lighthouse can be fun but not this one it’s all creepy inside and covered in spider webs as he doesn’t care about them. In fact it does not even look like a lighthouse, it looks like a pole made of concrete and to tell the truth there isn’t even an actual light on the lighthouse.  Then a creak and what happened next was unbelievable. The whole lighthouse went flying off the island and into the sea. 

100WC – Week #33 – Maggie

Creek crack, I don’t think these stairs are so sturdy, my friend said in a petrified voice. Whatever scaredy cat. Ahh, what is there? All of a sudden the light flickered on. What they revealed was a massive shock. It showed a Television with a whole heap of speakers around it. A video started playing. Hurry up lets go, actually I want to stay I said. On the video It said in a deep scary voice ¨the doors have locked, you are trapped, I have left you clues to get out,  go¨. Okay I said now I want to leave.

100WC – Week #33 – Tegan

Hi I’m Bob & this is my story. When I was a little cub I got left in the jungle all alone with no one to look after me. Then a hideous tiger picked me up & took me to his giant cave.  It was a very tall cave. He took me up to the top, & he put the jug on. I said,¨ are you going to eat me¨?  I said with a shiver, no no no he said not at all with a smirk. Not at all. Then he put some salt & pepper on me, & then said ¨In you go¨!!!.   

100WC – Week #33 – Morgan-Anne

Once upon a time in the land of dragons a family of 7 where living near a  little old village. The youngest was 18 when she was old enough to go out and explore the world beyond what she has ever seen. She set off for an adventure. The one place she really wanted to see was the little old lighthouse near the sea. She was a big fan of the little dragon and her long scales so on her 19 birthday she went to the little lighthouse. After that her whole family started to explore with her.

100WC – Week #33 – Tyler

In a galaxy far far away there was an inhabited planet named: Blobdromia, witch was made out of mud and one tree,  because these two boys and a young girl who had about twelve cats crashed into with the help of an evil eyeball that lived in eyeballia.

 Thirty two blobs lived with one fly, and one bog toad. Every day the thirty two blobs would make a mud pie for the bog toad but then one  day a guard blob ate it all up. Then when the bog toad came it ate all the mud and made a post to eat.