100WC – Week #33 – Finn

The grand tower loomed overhead. I had always thought that it looked like the beanstalk from jack and the beanstalk. But my sister thought it actually was the tower from rapunzel, and every time she walked past it she would yell “rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair”, of course rapunzel never did because rapunzel was never here to begin with, because rapunzel isn’t even real. Anyway my friend reckons it’s a place where wizards go for secret meetings. Though it’s probably just the counsel meeting hall. The tower is super! Mysterious, I just wished I was allowed to go up there. Then one day Joe (my friend) said “hey jake wanna see what’s in the tower” then I replied “but what if we get in trouble. Oh are you scared” he taunted. “Oh fine race ya there last one has to do the other person’s chores for the day. Oh it’s on” he answered…

100WC – Week #33 – Ava

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse but it wasn’t any old lighthouse, it was an abandoned lighthouse. Everyone thought it was haunted, no one had gone into it in nearly 100 years.  But one day my friends and I were going for a walk. 

We were walking past the lighthouse when I saw an old lady walking out of the lighthouse. She had a long black silky clock. I could only see a glimpse of her black hair. You could see her fingers from where I was standing. Me and my friends sat down and had a picnic that was the last time I saw her.

100WC – Week #33 – Jack W

It’s camp day, my worst nightmare, the wolves in the forest it‘s just not for me but I get forced to. I say to myself there’s nothing better than going on camp. Anyway I get to school and hop onto the bus. We start to head off as the lights start to flicker in the bus. We pull into a weird looking drive then two ugly bats flew in front of the bus. It made me so freaked out I sprinted out of the bus and kept running like there was a tornado as I saw a brick standing figure…

100WC – Week #33 – Eveana

This starts and a land there was a forest in a land far away,there lived mythical creatures. People thought were gone but when the humans found out they burned down the forest but one tree that held all the magic in the forest, in was set on fire but it didn’t fall. What they didn’t see was that there was a little baby egg. Are wondering what was in the egg? What creature was it? It was a dragon the princess of the forest her name was and when it grew up  wanted revenge but until then she’s hidden.

100WC – Week #33 – Jonathan

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse. every year someone lives there. You would think it would be fun in this light house the answer is no. This place has the world’s biggest waves and there’s no bed. It’s just solid concrete and there’s one story of a man that lived here. He had the worst luck out of everyone.  One day he woke up at 2 am and his room was full with water and then before he got help a massive wave hit him and his lighthouse was completely under water. we never heard from him again.