100WC – Week#7 – Carla

Once I saw a scooter, it was a red one but something was strange. When I felt it. it was fluffy but then it ran away and danced on the concrete, but the concrete was slippery. Next minute I looked away because my Mum was saying “LUNCH IN TEN MINUTES” But when I looked back it was gone, so I sniffed the concrete. And the smell, smelt like mints, so I just followed the trail. There it was behind a rubbish bin, but the next minute it was gone, I quickly got my car and chased it. There we go.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week#7 – Carla”

  1. I love the smell of mints but i have never saw it on concrete. I like how the things just disappeared. What happened after you stared chasing it.

  2. Hi Carla. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. It almost sounds like you are describing a strange dream – with all those interesting twists and turns in your story! You’ve made great use of the prompt this week – keep rising to the 100WC Carla!

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