100WC week #9 Xaveika

Max and I were weeding the garden minding our own business. Just then we saw a bee, So we decided to say hi to it.

I went up to touch it and then that’s when it hit me. A shook shivering down my body, feeling like I was getting smaller and smaller. “HEY MAX!!!!!” I shouted “huh? Oh harry is that you?!” max said “YES!” I said.

Just then max touched the bee and became small the bee started to die, “hey look I found a camera!” max said “cool!” I said we took a picture and grew back to normal…

One thought on “100WC week #9 Xaveika”

  1. Hi Xaveika
    This is great 100 word challenge. I really liked the twist where when you touched the bee that it caused you to shrink – that is a very clever use of the prompt as is using the camera to go back to full size. I felt a bit sad that the bee started to die as we need bees so much in the world today. I’d love to know what happened next – did the bee die or did ye manage to save it? Well done.
    Máire O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland

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