100WC – Week #7 – Madison

I was on my red scooter scootering on the concrete when I saw a fluffy bunny dancing on the side of the road. So I danced along with it. Suddenly it vanished into thin air! I saw a hole in the ground where the bunny had been dancing! I really shouldn’t go down the hole, I thought. I ignored the voices inside my head, and jumped into the hole…

I slid down the dark tunnel, the wall was cold and damp and my heart was pounding. I slid out of the tunnel, I turned around and the tunnel was gone…

4 thoughts on “100WC – Week #7 – Madison”

  1. Hello Madison, what an amazing story! You have used all the challenge words in an authentic way. Your language use is accurate and effective. I loved your sentence, “I ignored the voices inside my head…” and your description once you were in the tunnel was just great. Well done.

  2. Hey, Madison! This is an awesome and creative story that you made. The words in bold were the words I put in my 100 Word Challenge! The ending is my favorite part of the story! Maybe make a part 2?

  3. Hi Madison, this story is very good. It’s also very interesting because I really want to know where you came out at when you got to the end of the tunnel. Very good story! Here is the link to our class blog so you can visit it sometime if you would like to : https://msbrennocksclass.100wc.net/ . From Kyle

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