100WC – Week #7 – Charlie

I was laying some CONCRETE down on our new house and the CONCRETE was so FLUFFY . When it dried I went on my red SCOOTER I was going around and around. Then bang It cracked it was not dry and I had already danced in the concrete so I was covered with concrete. I need to go home and have a big nice shower to get all of the nasty concrete off me. Now I left my nice red scooter at the big pit of concrete. Then my Dad said “Why are you so covered with so much concrete?”

3 thoughts on “100WC – Week #7 – Charlie”

  1. Hey i heard a story like this from my dad when he was a kid. and i was wondering what do you mean by a big shower, and how come you danced on the concrete? And how fluffy was the concrete? I think you should add a little bit more detail about the scooter but overall it was a good story

  2. Hello Charlie, I don’t know if Dad would be very happy when he found out you had been riding and dancing around on newly laid concrete! I know I often see hand prints and dog paw prints on pathways where the concrete has looked dry but actually wasn’t, so it is a mistake that can happen. You would have been a mess with concrete all over you and it is really hard to get off. Well done.

  3. Hi Charlie! This story is very funny and cool. Getting stuck in CONCRETE must be bad! I wish to see another one from you!

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