100WC – Week #6 – The Old Box – Kenneth.

“Man, it’s dusty up here.” I thought as I entered the attic. Every corner I turn I see boxes and boxes of old junk. “They really should clean this place.” I told myself. But one thing caught my eye, this old magic box. I run over and pick it up, I study it very carefully, checking out where the trick would be. I dropped it at the sound of music coming from the box, it was making an unbelievably loud screech for help. It was becoming unbearable, strange things started to happen, but I had to see what was inside.

One thought on “100WC – Week #6 – The Old Box – Kenneth.”

  1. Hi, Kenneth! This story is very creative and mysterious. I wonder what will happen next? Are you going to make another? I hope so!

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