100WC – Week #48 – Milah

Wet, melting ice below my paws. There is no escape. The ice is melting by seconds and I’m surrounded by water. I have to think of something, QUICK. I see silhouettes coming towards me in the distance. I started to growl to see if I could catch their attention, luckily… It did!. Closer and closer it came…. Until it was right next to me, but you could not believe it, they just took pictures of me and left, typical tourists. Now all I can see is my family on the other side of the horizon.

The ice melts and melts and melts. To nothing….

One thought on “100WC – Week #48 – Milah”

  1. Hi Milah I really liked how you wrote in the perspective of the Polar Bear.
    I liked the sentence “The ice melts and melts and melts. To nothing….” It was funny when the tourists just took pictures instead of helping you. This is a great story.
    Keep writing 😃

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