100WC – Week #48 – Kenneth

There I was, stuck on an iceberg, waves tingling. Cold shivering throughout my body, I only had a split second to make it, but I was distracted. Waves of cold water thrashed against my iceberg, I never thought looking for fish in the water would end up like this. I stood there, paralyzed at the thought of being lost at sea. Would I ever get to see my babies back at home? I put those thoughts aside, I used as much force as I could to swerve the iceberg around. I spin around to see my beautiful babies at land.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #48 – Kenneth”

  1. Hello Kenneth, I like how you took up the challenge of writing from the bear’s perspective. You used some really great words to set the scene. Words like, “tingling”, “thrashed” and “paralysed” all worked really well. I’m glad you had a happy ending to your story.

  2. Hi Kenneth
    You’ve given great descriptions in your 100 word challenge of the dilemma facing the Polar Bear stuck on the ice. I really like your sentence “I stood there, paralysed at the thought of being lost at sea”. I thought it was really creative to introduce the idea of the Polar Bear thinking of her babies back on land and I’m hoping that she made it back to them okay. Well done. Great writing for the 100 word challenge.
    Máire O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland.

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