100WC – Week #47 – Jeremy

“Beep Beep Beep” by the second

The sound of the radar system annoys me.

I call the captain “Sir! “What? “When are we going to reach our destination?

“In a few more hours, trust me this will be the greatest discovery of your life”

“Yay I’m excited

(A few hours later)

Our submarine detected something of monumental size; it towered over our sub and it was in a cave?

How could something so big fit inside a cave?

It casted a massive shadow over our sub and the automatic lights turned on

We went through the underwater cave and saw it a titanic beast of a shark a goliath

It towered over us

“But I thought the megalodon was the biggest shark”

“This is a megalodon.”

“H..how big is it?

“Estimates say 128 meters minimum”


“Yes anyways wanna feel it?


“Ok then FIRE!3 torpedo’s wizz past the water at dangerously high speeds and collide the ice.

BOOM a hole opens up

We surface, then I go to the massive shark its striped 

It frozen solid “Yep been here for millions of years

I feel its skin it feels like rubber but that’s when its eye looked at me.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #47 – Jeremy”

  1. Well done for getting all the prompt words in to your story so well, Jeremy. They were a tough set this week! So much going on in your story, but you make it all run very smoothly. And I like the surprise in the last sentence. I also like the way you use a lot of speaking in the story. It really helps to bring it all to life.

  2. Hi Jeremy
    I love how you have used all the words for this 100WC. You have built some wonderful suspense with your writing. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington. New Zealand

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