100WC – Week #4 – Olivia

Tegan picks the note up from the elf, she gives it to me, I open it and read it. Hello there I am your elf! You can not get rid of me. I will stay until… The rest of the words faded away. I feel unsafe!!! “Is it Christmas already”? Tegan says very curiously. I nod then tell her that it’s December. This was very insane so I looked at Tegan, Tegan looked at me, we know what we’re thinking . We jumped in our car, went to the river…

Something happened…

 I have never seen the river bed so dry

5 thoughts on “100WC – Week #4 – Olivia”

  1. Hello! This is a very creative response to the challenge. You have created quite a mystery in your story both in what the elf was doing/planning and what had happened to the river. I wonder what would happen next? Well done.

  2. Sometimes I forget Christmas Is so close too. You did a good job adding dialogue. Did the river bed ever get less dry?

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