100WC – Week #4 – Oliver

It was 1930 I was in my bed sleeping until the biggest sandstorm blinded my sight and shut all the windows and doors and went to my creepy old basement and brought my bed……………. 6 yrs later the dust bowl stopped (i was really skinny) and opened the doors and i saw the riverbed and said ¨I have never seen the river bed so dry¨. Then a tornado caught me and threw me at a tree and ¨WHACK¨ I sadly died.

4 thoughts on “100WC – Week #4 – Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver, I loved when you said I was really skinny and when the tornado caught you and thrown you on the tree to die.

    By Daniels.

    Ms Brennoks class.

  2. I wrote a 100 word challenge about this phrase too! Nice use of historical fiction using the dust bowl and the time set. Was there a tornado after the dust bowl for real?

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