100WC – Week #4 – Carter

Today I’ve been going into the woods looking for a Pig to ride around on. While I was outside I decided to check the river. I went to the river. It was full of pigs swimming across. I go to dive and crack rumble rumble. 

I hit rock’s ow I get out of the water and sit down. I stare at the pigs walking through the water. The river is usually deep but today it’s the shallowest it’s ever been. While I sat in pain the wolf’s chase the pig’s back this way 

I ran home screaming aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. 

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #4 – Carter”

  1. We have a small creek that goes through our subdivision i liked the pigs in the story i like pigs why was the river so shallows

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