100WC – Week #38 – Kalinda

I watched a dog as it slowly walked to the orange telephone. The phone started ringing and the dog started crying. It cried until it stopped.I ran as fast as  could to help the dog. But I was too slow and I couldn’t help the dog. Now I was crying and crying and crying. Running to the vets, I saw another dog having the same problem, but worsh. People were laughing at the dog. I ran back to the other dog and picked it up and did the same thing with the other dog, taking them to the vets.



One thought on “100WC – Week #38 – Kalinda”

  1. Your story is quite sad, Kalinda. There is a lot of crying. I like the way your character does what the dog does. You character is clearly very strong though, as it ignores the people laughing and does the best thing for the dog. You got the prompt words in to the story very easily indeed.

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