100WC – Week #37 – Ruby

This furry animal is nothing but trouble. He has turned my whole life upside down! Since he heard strange music playing from inside a vehicle, now he’s gone bonkers! 

CRASH!!! I slowly awoke from my daydream and I pulled myself back into reality. My House was a mess, it looked like he had climbed the walls with dirty feet (there was also a lot of gross stuff and other stuff , that is so gross that they can’t be named). He looked exhausted as if he had just run a marathon. Now he’s no trouble, so I desperately started to clean the house…

“ The End! ” exclaimed Dad and he closed the book.

One thought on “100WC – Week #37 – Ruby”

  1. Hello Ruby,
    This is what they call a dream inside a story, inside a story. Loved reading it. How you ended it! Great job, Ruby! Keep on writing.

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