100WC – Week #37 – Finn

The bell went & and we were in trouble. The sun laughed at us, dashing through its endless Sun rays Sweating to no end. My shoes became loose; I so wished I had put sunblock on. None the less we rounded the corner heading down a long road, a few minutes from the school. The Dogs bark at us, teasing us, with their slimy mouths as we run past in a fury of sweat. This was my first day of walking to school, sorry running.

Wait, this path doesn’t feel right, then It dawns on me I’ve gone the wrong way!

One thought on “100WC – Week #37 – Finn”

  1. Hello Finn!
    Your use of descriptive words was excellent in creating images in my mind-I think my favorite was “run past in a fury of sweat”!
    I am nominating your entry for this week’s showcase-congratulations!
    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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