100WC – Week #37 – Brae

The animals were so furry and the sloth was walking so slowly across the zoo. There was music playing the rock radio. There was a little vehicle driving around the Zoo. 

I looked at every animal but I went back to the sloth’s habitat we saw a sloth that climbed  up the pole and stood on the top of the pole then climbed down and came up to me. Then we saw the tigers. They were soooooooooooo big and fluffy but I know if I tried to hug one it would bite my face off. I love the zoo. 

One thought on “100WC – Week #37 – Brae”

  1. Hello Brae,

    A lovely way to use this week’s prompt, so apt for a zoo scene. Hope the sloth was friendly with you. That vehicle must have been an electric one, right?
    Keep on writing, Brae.

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