100WC – Week #37 – Ava

I climbed through the vehicle slowly I heard music far along, felt something fury against my skin and then “woof woof” it’s my dog we lived on a farm near the city the tractor I  climbed on was rickety and old it was so scary when once a week I had to climb through it I told my mum about but she said that there no such thing as as… well I Should probably tell you I think that there’s a ghost in the tractor. It’s dark and like a maze in there. I don’t want to go there again.

One thought on “100WC – Week #37 – Ava”

  1. Hello Ava,
    Let’s hope the narrator doesn’t have to go to that tractor again!
    That was a good piece of writing, Ava. Felt so natural.
    Keep up the good work and, Keep writing.

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