100WC – Week #36 – Tyler

“Cell 1782 you have not been in your Yard break, what have you been doing?” 

“Sir I have been in my yard break the whole entire time I do not know anything of that nonsense”

“We’ll see”

Phew, that was close, thought i’d get caught there for a moment, luckily I had my back on the vent or it would’ve been it for me.

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, i’m Frank Morris and today i’m going to escape Alcatraz once and for all. I will set fire to this horrible place. After he left I clambered into my vent and climbed out to freedom.

One thought on “100WC – Week #36 – Tyler”

  1. hi Tyler,
    I really liked your story and how you said the cell number. next time maybe try not to change between the past (telling the story after it happens) to the present (telling the story while it happens). overall though great work , hope to read some more of your stories,

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