100WC – Week #36 – Sheina

¨Pfft this isn’t gonna work¨ I scoff, I recite the spell from the book and wait. ¨I knew this wouldn’t work¨ I muttered to myself and turned and walked away. CRUNCH I hear stone breaking and the footpath crumbling under my feet, I turn my head around as fast as a lightning bolt and see that the statue came to LIFE!

 ¨Well he-hello th-there, young la-lady¨ A voice croaks to me.

¨AHHHH!!! WHO A-ARE YOU!?¨ I shout in horror 

¨Im…¨ He trails off,

¨Wait… your the guy from the statue, right?¨ I say 

¨Ye-¨ he croaks before I interrupt again,


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