100WC – Week #36 – Maggie

Click, the door locked.

I started searching for the key. I lifted up the bed sheets and a swarm of dust threw itself in my face. I climbed on the small. Sketchy table and lifted the painting off the hook. I found it. I put it through the greasy keyhole. Then I came into the war room. Taking my time, I searched everywhere for the secret doorway. Then I came upon something like a stick. A lever. I pulled it and found myself in the last stage. Granny’s house. It was too easy. I started pulling all the books on the book shelf. 

But I ran out of time….

One thought on “100WC – Week #36 – Maggie”

  1. great work Maggie, the description in your story was included so much. I really like how you went through all those thigs like finding the key behind the painting or pulling the lever into the last stage until… you ran out of time! I like how you did make it so that you ran out of time, because it makes it really interesting. overall though I think that it was a really great story and that you thought a bout it a lot before you started writing.

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    keep on reading, Annalie

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