100WC – Week #36 – Darryl

 Snap I heard a loud bang the cops were on to me I grabbed a rope and tried. Tulips I grab my gun and return fire,I grab the money and keep filling it. I grabbed the rope again, ripping it but also burning my hands. slowly I climbed to the top struggling with the long black rope. I get to the top and start running for the getaway car boom boom. Darkness fills the room. I woke up in a room in a jail.  I got caught. Worried for what to come I started screaming so loud my own ear drums were about to blow then darkness…

One thought on “100WC – Week #36 – Darryl”

  1. What an action-packed story, Darryl. A lot happens before your character ends up in the prison cell. Some good description too. I particularly like ‘screaming so loud my own ear drums were about to blow.’ I also like the way you use a very short sentence, ‘I got caught.’ That shows very clearly that there is a big change between what happened before the photo, and the situation in the prison cell.

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