100WC – Week #35 – Oliver

Once upon a time there was a squirrel named Telemachus. He was hurrying to the shops to get acorns to last till January. … ¨Which way to the shops?¨ it panted … ¨ What is that noise?!?¨ he was at the shops. And then a squirrel with an IQ of -100 went and acted like a dog. Then a mad scientist with an IQ of 9000+(And with a big brain)called DR.NUTTY SQUIRREL. ¨ You are Telemachus¨”he shouted ¨ And YOU ARE NOT TAKING ALL OF THE ACORNS!¨ ¨ I Am!¨ then he aimed a nuclear bomb  called THE HYDRO POWERED TSAR BOMBA at the earth …………….. AND it blew up.

One thought on “100WC – Week #35 – Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. I especially liked your ‘villain’ character, Dr Nutty Squirrel! Great writing Oliver.

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