100WC – Week #35 – Ezra

I’m sitting down on my chair reading the newspaper. I feel a slight jolt as the ship bobs up and down. I get up and put the newspaper on my table to signify that it’s mine, and go to the big square glass box in the corner. I sit down on a chair and turn on the tv. 

‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted. 

A lady or what I thought was a psychopath comes in by breaking the glass disturbing me. I point in the direction of the shops and I take the chance to get away from her.

3 thoughts on “100WC – Week #35 – Ezra”

  1. Hi Ezra I love your imagination. I am just wondering did the lady come in through the TV or through the windows of the boat? I like the words you used to describe everything.
    Awesome writing Ezra good job!!!

  2. Hi Ezra,
    wow that is super funny and cool.
    the part when the psycho lady came in and you just pointed were the shops are 🙂
    It must be scary seeing and old lady just break in your house, it gives me the shivers up my spine.
    It was a little confusing in the first paragraph, maybe make it a little less precise:)

  3. Hello Ezra
    I loved how the lady broke the glass
    It was very funny and very exciting to read.
    It was cool how you have pointed to the psychopath to get her away.

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