100WC – Week #35 – Dominika

I’m in my room videoing a serious police chase, the cops are on him. It turns a bend and the police go the other way.

I chase the thing with the other people that are videoing him as well.

Why are the cops chasing the furry thing? He stops in the middle of the road causing crashes and panic. ‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted ,

We followed it around a bend and he started running through the dangerous high traffic. The cops found him and were after him again,


It’s dead, now I can go home to write.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #35 – Dominika”

  1. I like the way you have included a police chase in your story, Dominika. It feels just like something we might watch on the television and you describe it very well, especially when you tell us that ‘It turns a bend and the police go the other way ‘. I also like the way the story comes to a very definite ending and the way you bring yourself back in to the story at the end.

  2. it so realistic i would love to hear more and i wonder what would happen next

    next time try to have the cops shout something like slow down or stop in the name of the law or something like that

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