100WC – Week #35 – Bayley

‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted 

Why I said you go straight at the first road left and go on the second road  just be quiet or I’ll eat you, said the tiger but you’re a human that would be cannibalism. He took off his mask and he was a tiger that was able to hold things in his paw like a human yum. The tiger said as he ate the human in one bite in front of someone else and the tiger ate everyone who saw the tiger eat someone and that went on for ages and ages.

One thought on “100WC – Week #35 – Bayley”

  1. Hello Bayley
    The tiger story was funny and that the tiger ate him in 1 go that was very funny.
    Maybe next time you do the 100WC add a couple paragraphs to say like after the ´When he ate him in 1
    go´ or something like that
    although it was brilliant

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