100WC – Week #34 – Ziva

Hello, I am Daisy. I guess you have never heard of a talking horse. I am a thoroughbred. It is a type of horse that races. My jockey Lilo Is so sweet every morning she grooms me and gets me ready. but this morning was different. She groomed me but didn’t tack me up. Instead she took me to my trailer. Then we went for a drive. BEEEEEB!!!! what was that oh the door opened. I am at another van place wait what I didn’t realise they could fly! Lilo put me on one where there were a lot of other horses. I was in it for an hour. I was at a farm with the other horses. A little girl hoped on me. I spooked then someone gave Lilo some blue paper that had 100 on it. They gave her 5 then Lilo said ¨this is daisy. My best race horse, I need more money please.¨ ¨Okay¨ the man said giving her 50 more ¨thankyou sir i will get her tack  and i will load her ¨ Lilo told him. ¨Sorry daisy i have to sell you i am retiring. That little girl is buying you. She has a lot of space, bye girl¨ Lilo said as she locked me in a trailer. I could hear Lilo crying.

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