100WC – Week #34 – Tyler

I was walking along on a pebble trail, every so often I would come across the odd bird or frog, and then out of the blue, I saw a glistining lake with a dock. A lonely man sitting on it. He had a rusty fishing rod made from metal and then he looked up and saw me. He then gestured for me to come and sit with him. I wondered if I took the offer or not, then I decided to go, so I slowly and very cautiously walked over to him I turned then back, then he was gone…

One thought on “100WC – Week #34 – Tyler”

  1. Hi Tyler,

    I really enjoyed reading your story this week. In particular, I thought that you had a good flow of narrative, as well as excellent descriptive details placed throughout.

    Well done and keep up the good work!
    Anna (Team 100WC)

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