100WC – Week #34 – Olivia

I felt hands pulling me back by my long gold hair, then the hands pulled me by my neck and started to choke me, so I did the old grab the hands bite them then run away. “OWW!!!” man that must have hurt!!! When I was about to run I happened to fall trapped with nowhere to go except for a WINDOW!!!. I sprinted for the window, closed my eyes and jumped. I knew that if I jumped I probably wouldn’t survive, but you’ll never guess what happened… there were pigs, flying pigs, and I didn’t realise they could fly!

One thought on “100WC – Week #34 – Olivia”

  1. Hi Olivia, I really like your story. The way it was quite crazy was interesting. Great story. From Kyle in Ms Brennock’s 5th class.

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