100WC – Week #34 – Janelle

My friend named Kyna built a robot with wings so it could fly high in the sky.  She said ¨I will make it look like a dragon with its baby, A REAL ONE¨.  I said ¨there’s no way two of your dragons will fly¨.  She said ¨okay then if I win you own me 5 bucks if you win you get a $5 deal? ¨. We made a deal and I didn’t realise they could fly! But then they crashed into her neighbor’s house
BOOM.  We got in big trouble because the neighbor’s daughter Jenny is kinda naughty very naughty.

One thought on “100WC – Week #34 – Janelle”

  1. Hi there, Janelle! This was a very imaginative way to use the prompt. I like that Kyna not only tried to build a flying robot, but also tried to design it so that it looked like a dragon – dragons have very complex shapes. I suppose Jenny was the one who got them into trouble at the end. Would they have gotten away with crashing the robot if Jenny hadn’t told on them?

    Great work, and keep writing!

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