100WC – Week #33 – Trinity

As I sneak outta the house I hear a loud creek behind me,

I turn around with a soft gasp, only to see my cat scatter across the room with a blue jay in its mouth, I carry on sneaking out the window and trip on some lights……….*WAMP*

“Owww,” I gasp.

I garb a light post, my fingerless gloves touch the freezing cold ice, I get up with snow on my fleece. What the? I hear a scream come down the alleyway.

I crept down the stairs and looked to my left and saw the unthinkable my cat Laylay.

One thought on “100WC – Week #33 – Trinity”

  1. Trinity,
    You have me on the edge of my seat creeping along the alleyway along with the narrator. Your word choices like sneak, gasp and unthinkable have set a scene of worry and concern. I do like you line that clearly describes your fingerless gloves touching the ice. Well done.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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