100WC – Week #33 – Hannah A

As I get a call that someone is majorly hurt.  As I leap down the steep stairs and jump on the buggy,  as we drive quickly to the death rocks as someone cliff jumping is in danger, they slipped and got a horrific head injury and majorly deep cuts we’ve already got an air ambulance on the way we’re doing checks to see how majorly bad the injury is QUICK roll them on their side their having a seizure get out of the way let him do his thing, then we will help but can someone please hold him very gently.     

One thought on “100WC – Week #33 – Hannah A”

  1. Hi Hannah! Hope you’re doing well. That sounds like a harrowing scenario you’ve described there! I hope the person made it in the end. It’s a creative idea to imagine that chimney-like construction as a tower with stairs for the narrator to climb down from. An ‘air ambulance’ also sounds like a good way to get someone to the hospital in time.

    Great work and keep writing!

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