100WC – Week #33 – Ava

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse but it wasn’t any old lighthouse, it was an abandoned lighthouse. Everyone thought it was haunted, no one had gone into it in nearly 100 years.  But one day my friends and I were going for a walk. 

We were walking past the lighthouse when I saw an old lady walking out of the lighthouse. She had a long black silky clock. I could only see a glimpse of her black hair. You could see her fingers from where I was standing. Me and my friends sat down and had a picnic that was the last time I saw her.

One thought on “100WC – Week #33 – Ava”

  1. Hi Ava
    Good use of the prompt! It is a big mystery, I wonder if she has been living in the house the whole time?
    Good job on describing what she looked like!
    Next time try not using the word lighthouse as much or any word.
    I loved this piece!:)

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