100WC – Week #32 – Maggie

I’m bored. I have nothing to do apart from sitting in this corner sobbing, I am sobbing because no one likes me. Yesterday I was almost killed. In case you are wondering what species I am, I’m a cockroach. Everyone thinks I’m scary but all I want is a place to stay.  Today I am terrified because today is cleaning day in this room and they are going to find me and kill me. Oh no, here they come, I got so nervous I fell onto the table. All of a sudden a flash of light, then, darkness. 

I’m dead.

2 thoughts on “100WC – Week #32 – Maggie”

  1. Hey Maggie this was a nice piece good job 👍. I was just wondering what is the cockroaches name and what did it die to? Anyways this was a good piece nice job 👍

  2. Dear Maggie,
    What a wonderful be of writing, I would of never of have thought of putting my self in a cockroaches shoes. I liked the part where there was nothing else to do but sob in the corner. The one thing you could to better was change the word scary to petrifying. But other than that you did an awesome piece of writing.

    -Allison Van Vliet

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