100WC – Week #32 – Leo

Slowly, Mr Millian’s grey rubbish bin is chasing me down, at any moment I’m going to be smacked by it. I’m running past the only toilet and I’m busting to use the loo. Now I’m doomed I’m going to pee my pants and be obliterated by a round rubbish bin littered with cabbage.

But then I escape to the park I’m bursting to use the loo. There is no toilets and there’s hundreds of people. I’m going to pee my pants and become a big embarrassment in front of the whole park. Bang! Nervously I turn around and something had hit the park fence. It was the rubbish bin. While everyone was looking at the rubbish bin I sped into the nearby bush but I was too late there was something dripping from my trousers like a water hose that’s on full power.

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