100WC – Week #32 – Hannah F

A flash of light, then darkness. The lightning storm made this even more ominous. The beast’s fur matched with the pitch black sky, making him practically invisible. Running towards where lightning struck, I heard the panther run with me. I whipped around, but the only thing I could see was his yellow eyes, like burning coals in the darkness. He leapt towards me, and I was sure the end was near. Then I heard a voice, the impatient voice of my sister. “Honestly, why do you always fail this?” Then, she took the VR set off my head. “My turn.”


3 thoughts on “100WC – Week #32 – Hannah F”

  1. I like how you used the prompt! I like how this was only in a VR headset, and I’ve always wanted to use one. Is your sister always this impatient? Your story was funny at the end!

  2. Hi Hannah
    I really liked the story at first I thought you were really there, the plot twist at the end was amazing.
    I have nothing to say to you to improve your writing.
    Keep on writing
    10/10 amazing, love it.

  3. Hi Hannah,
    I was so scared if you were going to get eaten but then your sister took it off your head.
    I like the way you used your full stops in good spaces and used hard and good words, you also used the correct tense.
    10/10 for me

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